Pure Jasmine Tea

Green Tea Which Is Mixed To Jasmine Flower

There are some kind of teas that tea producer can mix with jasmine flower to make pure jasmine green tea. However, oloong jasmine tea and thai nguyen jasmine tea are the most popular and many people love these teas. The mixture of oolong and jasmine flower has smooth scent with pure sweet orange while thai nguyen jasmine tea is bitter than oolong. It depends on the favourite taste of customer. For people who love sweet flavor, they will fall in love with oolong jasmine tea but for who are big fan of bitter flavor, thai nguyen jasmine tea is the best choice for them.

high quality green tea

Top bud green tea (from Thai Nguyen)

Besides, people also use black tea, white tea to make pure jasmine tea.

Jasmine Flower

Jasmine flowers usually ripen at about 4 p.m or 5 p.m and blossom at about 8 p.m or 9 p.m. The jasmine flower bloom quickly in 2 hours so they must pick flowers in time. People usually pick jasmine flowers in midday and wait to 8 p.m or 9 p.m. In this time, the flower change from green to opaque white as glutinous rice and the space is full of floral fragramce. Then people wait about 8 hours or 9 hours, the perfect time to flowers are dry and they use those flowers to make pure jasmine tea.

jasmine flower

Jasmine flower (source from google image)

Pure Jasmine Tea In Vietnam

In Vietnam, people make jasmine green tea by 3 steps. First, one layer of tea sprinkle a layer of flower. After 18 hours to 24 hours, the tea is full of floral fragrance which causes jasmine pental from opaque white to transparent color. Then people take jasmine flower off the mixture by sieve. The final step, tea go through dry machine.

In Vietnam, customer can find pure jasmine tea in any tea shop. Most of jasmine tea come from Lam Dong.

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