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Hospitality Selection

Hospitality Selection

*Trong các thương hiệu trà Việt Nam

Tra Viet's lavish tea gift packages are an exquisite complement to your top-notch services, whose enticing aromas will reflect your hospitality and sincerity to the customers.

Aside from delectable tea flavors, Tra Viet delivers premium packages with customized logos and layouts, distinguishing our brand further from comparable tea chains. We aim to bring about an exceptional fusion of gourmet tastes, exemplary health conditions, and otherworldly beauty for our HORECA clients.

Find tea in your Hotel & Restaurant

7:00 sáng – 22:00 tối

In Hotel

Event/Conference/Compass Room

A brilliantly crafted tea set will be a warming addition to public gatherings in your luxurious hotels, such as government events, tech meetings, corporate celebrations, and weddings.


Long-lasting and distinctive tea flavors will leave a deep impact on your receiver, particularly travelers, tourists, or any public figures that grace your world-class hotel. It is a wonderful token to showcase your immense gratitude and devotion.

Gym Beverage

Any client who frequents your gym services must be a health-conscious individual. Placing a nutritious tea box in the gymnasium would be a charming way to express your deep concern for the clients’ well-being.

Room Services

Most hotel suites present an array of mass-produced foods and drinks for their service menus. Why don’t you set yourself apart with a gorgeous tea box marked by the hotel’s personalized logos?


Spa and tea have always been known as a match made in heaven, and this sentiment will elevate to a new height with Tra Viet premium tea sets and your hotel’s 5-star quality! Customers may enjoy a total relaxation of bodies and minds, immersing themselves in a serene pleasure of exceptional tea aromas and spa treatments.


At times, casino frequenters tend to get hot at each other. A cup of Tra Viet’s refreshing flavor will calm them down in the most unexpected way. The golden color hue often seen on Tra Viet’s customized package symbolizes joy and positiveness, appeasing your irate customers and expressing the hotel’s hospitality.

Afternoon Tea

Luxurious afternoon tea sessions are where your clients gather to engage in small talks and discussions of daily events.  Tra Viet’s warm odors and soothing fragrances will lull anyone into a sense of comfort, encouraging them to be more open-minded with each other.

For Restaurants


Tra Viet tea gifts imprint your brand deeper into the mind of travelers and tourists. They will always be reminded of your sincerity and affection (and the delectable foods in your restaurants, too!) whenever their gaze falls onto these graceful packages.


After a satisfying meal, there’s no better way to settle down and balance the delicacy’s flavor than a cup of strong tea for desserts. Your customers will be deeply astonished!

F&B Services

Afternoon-tea parties are a common F&B offering at 5-star restaurants. Though this practice has a Western root, Tra Viet believes your customers will be pleasantly surprised with high-quality tea flavors from one of Asia’s best tea producer countries, which help enrich cultural diversity.


Aside from its traditional function as a beverage, tea is also a wonderful culinary component. Their remarkable fragrance will elevate your dishes to another level.

For Cafeterias

Add to Menus

Cafeteria may employ Tra Viet as a direct addition to their standard menus. Tra Viet has successfully yielded millions of drinkers worldwide, and we believe this success will replicate itself for your business.

Ingredients for Beverages

Crafted from high-quality (and occasionally uncommon) ingredients, Tra Viet will set an unprecedented formula that distinguishes your business from others. Bartenders may utilize them for the creation of memorable tea-tinted beverages.

Sellable To-Go Products

Some tea lovers wish to enjoy tea at their houses rather than in the raucous and noisy cafeteria. You may sell Tra Viet bundles as to-go items for home usage in such cases.

For Yachts and Jets

On-board Services

On a yacht cruise or jet trip, it is an unearthly sensation to admire the beautiful scenery with a good beverage in hand! Tra Viet ensures to deliver these wonderful experiences to your clients.

Afternoon Tea and Dining Events

The robust natural essence of our tea will accentuate the exhilaration of a yacht sailing in the middle of an ocean, giving your adventurous clients a sense of thrill. Not to mention, they also complement the food flavors perfectly!

VIP Guest Rooms

A VIP guest room is where your clients are expected to get the best customer treatment, which, of course, also entails beverages. How about striking a long-lasting impact with a bespoke premium tea set from Tra Viet? Your customer will be left equally pleased and impressed!

Why Tra Viet?

100% Natural Tea

Most commercial teas in recent years are shredded bags infused with artificial flavors to entice customers. Tra Viet eludes such harmful tactics to yield a healthier and safer aroma. Indeed, 100% of our teas are from natural ingredients, which successfully retain the original tea fibers and bring about the same sentiment as a kettled-brewed beverage. 

Flavors for All

Tra Viet boasts an extensive array of colorful fragrances to accommodate different preferences and ages. 

Ancient tea, bearing a tranquil and calm aroma, suits elder people best. The alluring smell of chamomile tea will captivate a lady, while oolong variants help men unwind after a long hard day at work. Even children might find immense enjoyment in peppermint tea, whose vibrant odor keeps them active and energized all day!

Royal-inspired Packaging

Most of our tea packages enjoy a golden color tint, representing joys, royalty, and boldness that will brighten any decor and setting. Furthermore, each pattern carries a trace of long-standing Vietnamese culture, which fetches a breeze of fresh air compared to other mass-produced gifts. It will certainly leave an ingrained impression on any observer!

High-end Pyramid Bag

Our teabags employ a Japanese-origin Tearoad SOILON PLA mesh filter. It is manufactured from non-toxic and biodegradable cornstarch, which incorporates no adhesive glues to guarantee our users’ utmost safety. 

Thanks to this ultrasonic packaging technology, enjoying your tea in its most natural form is no longer a myth. You may even witness the breathtaking spectacle of blossoming tea petals!

Tailored Packaging Design

Tra Viet’s design team prides itself on more than 15-year experience working with thousands of clients from numerous sectors. 

Their creative visions and exceptional expertise help conceptualize a package layout geared at your particular demands. Color schemes and patterns also adjust accordingly to accommodate your personalized logos and tea tags, bringing about the highest quality!


Our Satisfied Clients

Tra Viet has become a household name for prevalent HORECA clients, some of whom you may recognize in a blink. Cases in point entail Sofitel Metropole, InterContinental, Marriotte, Holiday Inn, Vietnam Airline, Heritage Line Cruise, and Caravelle Casino.


1. B2B For Horeca And Wholesale: What Is The Difference?

The primary difference lies in their minimum order quantity. Tra Viet’s starting benchmark is $20,000 per contract for wholesale transactions. Meanwhile, gift packages for HORECA issue no number restrictions, though our corporate client policies only apply to orders of 50 boxes onwards.

2. Do We Need To Deposit? How Much?

Yes, Tra Viet requires a deposit of 50% of your total fee.

3. Can Tra Viet Supply Us Periodically?

Yes. We have teamed up with excellent shipping services from DHL and FedEx, which delivers your goods to any given address and within any required time frame.

4. What Is The Payment Method for Co-Branding?

Though alternative methods might be under negotiations with our customers, Tra Viet mainly accepts PayPal transactions.

5. Is There Any Special Deal for Co-Branding?

Yes, there is. Contact Tra Viet at for more details

6. What Tea Should We Add To Our Menu?

At the time of this writing, our best sellers are Oolong, Tie Guanyin, Pu-erh tea, and shrimp spring tea. Most customers are profoundly charmed by their strong yet calming fragrances. But it is alright to pick any other flavor that you believe would suit your business best.

7. Can We Order Various Flavors At Once?

Of course, you can! Flavor versatility has always been among Tra Viet’s foremost priorities.

8. Can Tra Viet Ship To Our Horeca Chains Out Of The US?

Tra Viet has not yet been available outside Vietnam and the U.S, though further market expansions are underway. Good news is on the horizon, so please be patient! 

9. Can We Become Retailers For Tra Viet?

Retailers for our teas are always welcomed! Contact Tra Viet at or fill in the form above, and we will reach you as soon as possible.