Heartfelt Greetings from Vietnam’s Leading Tea Gift Enterprise To Americans.

More Than A Drink – It Is Tea Gifts

Tea is among the most commonplace beverages, owing to its natural and distinctive aroma. In 2004, while most businesses were pooling their marketing focus on conventional traits of this popular drink, Tra Viet soon acknowledged another critical facet: more than a basic beverage, tea also serves as a powerful bridge that nurtures human connection.

An intimate and customized gift set – tailored to the receiver’s preferences – will connect both parties in ways we have never anticipated. Motivated by these insights, Tra Viet has determined to elevate this widespread quencher into premium and high-quality gift packages.

All this hard work has indeed paid off. Nearly two decades after its inception, Tra Viet has enjoyed an immense triumph, lauded by millions of customers and B2B businesses around the globe.

Đinh Minh Phú – Founder, Chairman


Our Story

All the three Tra Viet founders are descendants of Bao Loc – the South’s largest and most celebrated tea region. Thus, they all harbor a burning passion for tea and a desire to spread its distinctive traits to a wider demographic.

In the 2000s, tea was a promising yet still thoroughly underdeveloped sector. Though the beverage was widely prevalent, most Vietnamese consumers still treated it as a commonplace and replaceable product. Here was where Tra Viet stepped in, aiming to alter the course of events.

Acknowledging the lacking features in the current industry, the three founders joined hands to bring about significant changes via their respective strengths in supply chains, tea masters, and packing designs. Numerous tea flavors were delivered and received immense praise. Tra Viet has indeed raised the bar for luxurious tea in taste and aesthetics.

Over time, our company has extended beyond the circle of regular tea drinkers to reach some giants in the business, collaborating with numerous household brands such as LG, Samsung, Intel, Pfizer, Canon, and Toyota.

High-quality B2B festive sets have become an appealing and memorable feature of Tra Viet, successfully propelling the company to its No.1 position in the B2B Tea market.


What Makes Us Different?

Để tạo nên những sản phẩm trà với hương vị sành sỏi trong những hộp quà tặng đẹp đẽ nhất, chúng tôi phải phát triển cho mình những bản lĩnh tiên phong và vượt trội

Tea Source

Vietnam – the origin country of Tra Viet – has always been cited as one of the leading nations in tea manufacturing. Till 2020, our native country has retained 34 provinces and cities with 123 thousand hectares of tea cultivation. Vietnam is now rated fifth in tea exports and seventh in overall production on a global scale. 

As a Vietnam-originated brand, Tra Viet has proudly manufactured its green, black and herbal tea in Vietnam without any interference from international procurement.  We source most of our components from Bao Loc, Thai Nguyen, and Tay Bac, with the latter enjoying a tremendous reputation for boasting some of the rarest ingredients in the world. 

Tea Master

Similar to how a skillful chef might awaken his diners’ taste buds, only genuine Tea Masters could deliver tremendous boosts to the experience of a tea connoisseur.

This insight has motivated us to build a dedicated and passionate team of Tea Masters from day one, whose role is to guide our tea assortments and lend a helping hand in developing Tra Viet’s distinctive tea flavors. Tra Viet’s growing status is credited to their unmatched expertise and comprehensive instruction.


First impressions always matter, and this golden rule does not exclude tea gifts. Our design team proudly delivers a wealth of creative and practical ideas to contribute to your final visual concepts, which adhere to the most critical designing and manufacturing principles. These gorgeous and vibrant packages satisfy even the most discerning recipient.

Tea flavors are undoubtedly paramount, but it is the package design that has elevated Tra Viet to premium quality.


Road Map

Tra Viet has undergone both ups and downs throughout its two decades in operation. However, we believe our accomplishments more than justified these strenuous efforts.

Tra Viet Establishment
Tra Viet Club – Youths Cultural House
Tea Hostess (Trà Nô) Training Program
Vietnamese Patio Tea Shop (Trà Việt Hiên Quán)
The Launch of Premium Tea Gift Line
Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh’s First Showrooms
Tea Shop Chains for International Tourists in Hoi An – Danang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
The Launch of HORECA Premium Tea Line
The First Afternoon Tea Party for Businesses
Official Debut in North American Market via Amazon
The Central Showroom in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Một đội ngũ đã cùng nhau làm việc suốt 16 năm qua

Founder, Chairman

Dinh Minh Phu

The world’s respect starts from our national pride

Co-Founder, Tea Master

Tran Thi Mong Kieu

“TTea embodies Confucius’ solemnity, Lao Tzu’s idleness, and Shakyamuni’s wisdom.

Co-Founder, Chief Designer

Dinh Ngoc Dung

The beauty of classic design lies in composition and texture.





For more efficient product distributions in the U.S., Tra Viet has been honored to participate in long-term partnerships with these corporations, listed as follows:




Champion of Tea Master Cup

In 2016, one of our tea masters, Mong Kieu, was granted the Champion of Tea Masters Cup title, surpassing the 23 best contestants from all Vietnamese provinces.

Furthermore, Tra Viet’s major founder, Mr. Phu, has been elected by Vietnam Television (VTV) as an outstanding representative of the fourth generation in tea manufacture. Tra Viet’s positive reception is attributed to his burning ambitions to spread the influence of Vietnamese tea across more countries around the globe.

Logo Tea Masters Cup Vietnam 2016


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