As our website is tailored to our customers in the United States, all information included below will not apply to any other country.


What Is The Country Origin of Tra Viet?

Tra Viet is a leading brand of premium tea supplies and gift sets from Vietnam, a fast developing country in Southeast Asia. You may click here to learn more about our journey.

Does Tra Viet Sell All Around The World?

Tra Viet’s distribution has expanded to Vietnam – our home country, and the United States. We might consider further destinations in the foreseeable future.

How Can I Buy Tra Viet Tea In America?

At the moment, Americans might purchase high-quality Vietnamese tea sets via Amazon.com or our official website. The latter delivers customized products and lower charges – highly recommended for institutional clients (hotels, restaurants, casinos, schools, governments, hospitals, or corporate offices).

I Want to Sell Tea in My Horeca. How Can I Trust Tra Viet?

What distinguishes Tra Viet as a trusted manufacturer of co-branded products for corporate organizations?

Tra Viet’s biggest pride lies in its abundant tea supplies from Vietnam, whose tea traditions have withstood the test of time. We also have an excellent design team that has successfully introduced the brand to younger Vietnamese demographics. 

Hence, customized products – tailored to your style and adorned with your logos – are one of our primary strengths. 

In What Way Can I Contact Tra Viet?

To contact our head office:

  • Mobile phone / Whatsapp: (+84)903377017 
  • Email: phu@traviet.com
  • Address: 77 High Street, #09-11 High Street Plaza (683.91 mi) Singapore 179433

There is also a chat box available in the right-hand corner of our website, ready for immediate assistance. Type in your queries, and our customer support team will respond as soon as possible.


How Can I Create An Account on The Tra Viet Website?

This process takes less than 2 minutes. On the far right corner of the screen display, tap on the Account icon. Here, you are presented with two options: Login (for those who already have an account) and Register. Hit on Register, then enter your email address and password. Your profile has been created!

The next time you visit our website, navigate to Login and type in your registered information.

What Should I Do If I Have Lost or Forgotten My Password?

As long as you still have access to your email, this issue will not pose any further trouble. First, click on “Lost your password?” at the lower right corner of the Login section. Then enter your email, and the website will send a link to the mailbox. Hit on that link to create new passwords for your account.


How Is Tra Viet Tea Produced?

Tra Viet embraces the long-standing tea traditions of Vietnamese culture. Hence, our tea plants and ingredients are all hand-picked from Vietnamese fields. The tea leaves, transported to factories for further processing, go through classic orthodox methods (withering, rolling, and oxidation) to offer the most potent and bold flavors.

Different teas call for different processing approaches. By illustrations, oolong teas are best suited to withering methods, while black teas will thrive in oxidation.

Are Tra Viet Teas Organic?

Tra Viet products only employ natural and fresh loose leaf tea for optimal customer experience. Hence, the brand is prevalent among older Vietnamese demographics with a dire need for healthy and organic beverages. We are still in the process of registering for an Organic-certified verification.

How Many Tea Flavors Does Tra Viet Offer?

We proudly present ten green teas, twelve herbal teas, and five black teas. American citizens will have the golden chance to taste Vietnamese’s most acclaimed flavors – from the gentle and warm aroma of Thai Nguyen Green Tea to the rich and strong fragrances of Ha Giang Black Tea.

Does Tea Contain Caffeine? Where Can I Check The Caffeine Content?

While black and green teas worldwide are known to incorporate a trace of caffeine (around 28 to 47 milligrams per 8 ounces), herbal tea is generally caffeine-free. You might refer to the ingredient list included in each pack to ascertain. 

How Do Tra Viet Pyramid Tea Bags Outweigh Regular Tea Bags?

Tra Viet pyramid bags integrate Japanese membrane technology, which provides ample space for tea expansion. Since the teas are not constrained as in ordinary flat bags, the scents will be enhanced during steeping procedures, giving off a much more robust aroma.

However, for now, these items are not yet available for our US sector.

Does Tea Expire? Can I Use Tea After The Best-By Date?

Teas certainly have expiration dates, though there is no severe health risk associated with outdated tea. It is just that they are far less flavorful and pleasant. Most packaged teas can last from 6 to 12 months following their best-by dates. After that period, we suggest you purchase a new set.

How Can I Store My Tea For Its Best?

Light, odor, and moisture are all notorious tea killers. Thus, experts recommend a dark storage location far from strong smells and damp regions. Another reminder is to make sure the package is food-safe (a pencil case, for instance, is a huge no).

Tea Gifts

Does Tra Viet Offer Gifting Services?

We adopt Amazon Standard Customer Services for our American clients to guarantee the best possible experience. They offer:

  • Personal messages to recipients
  • Packing slips
  • Digital copies of your gift sets
  • Price tag omission
Why Is Tra Viet Tea Appropriate for Gifts?

Tra Viet teas are all produced from organic and fresh Vietnamese tea leaves, which have undergone rigorous processing methods to yield the best flavorful aroma. 

Furthermore, our packaging designs are customizable, contemporary, and elegant, catering to your guests’ preferences. Tra Viet gift sets have been a familiar present in Vietnam, particularly during significant Vietnamese festivities such as Tet and Mid-Autumn.

Does Tra Viet Offer Gift Wrapping?

For now, gift-wrapping alternatives for Tra Viet products are not yet open.

What Are Included In A Tra Viet Tea Gift Set?

Due to the bespoke nature of these gift packages, no components are pre-assembled. The selected teas vary across each set to secure optimal compatibility with your receiver.

Can I Buy Wholesale Tea Gift Sets From Tra Viet?

Tra Viet does offer services for such requests – geared towards clients that wish to promote their brands. Packaging designs and printed logos are all available, suited to your specific requirements.

Can Tra Viet Make Personalized Tea Gifts?

Our answer is a definite yes. Tra Viet is the optimal solution for business managers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and casino owners who aim to make a long-lasting impression on customers. You may contact us directly via our given addresses.

Order & Payment

How Can I Order Tra Viet Tea?

As we have established, our customers may place their orders via the Amazon platform or on this website.

How Do I Make Payments For Tra Viet?

Tra Viet accepts PayPal transactions on this website for now. Other payment methods might be expected in our future expansion.

Did My Online Order Include Tax?

All Tra Viet products entail tax fees, binding with the US Supreme Court rules.

Can I Buy Tea At Tra Viet Store?

Tra Viet physical stores are not yet accessible outside Vietnam’s borders. US clients may purchase our products on the aforementioned online platforms (Amazon and the official website).


Can Tra Viet Ship to Multiple Locations?

Though Tra Viet facilitates multiple-area shipping, you should submit separate orders for each location. Such tactics lower the risks of misplacements or delivery mishaps.

Can I Cancel or Modify My Order?

These modifications and cancellations are permitted – provided that they transpire before the actual shipment. Once the tea sets are on their way to your registered address, we do not accept any withdrawal requests.

Will Tra Viet Company Directly Deliver My Tea?

Tra Viet company has partnered with Amazon FBA, a world-class logistic network that will handle product packing, shipping, and returning. Their 24/7 customer support team will take charge of any unexpected issues during the delivery procedure.

What Are Your Shipping Times?

Forty-eight hours (2 days) is the norm. However, we still suggest you keep tabs on your order status via account notifications.

How Long Will I Get My Order During Holiday Periods?

Shipping times may fluctuate during high seasons, especially on Christmas, when shopping traffic often reaches its peak. It would be best to place your orders early (1 or 2 months before the due date) to tackle such issues.

Return & Refund

In What Way Do I Return An Order?

A refund is feasible within 30 days after your purchase. Kindly contact us in advance via our email: phu@traviet.com for further guides and suggestions.

How Long Will My Refund Take?

Upon receiving the products, Tra Viet proceeds to inspect their current conditions and damages (if any). Once they pass our confirmation, we will refund you immediately.


Does Tra Viet Sell Wholesale?

Wholesale tea sets are a prevalent marketing instrument for renowned labels. And as previously mentioned, they are among Tra Viet’s primary services, with packaging designs and embroidered logos included.

Can Tra Viet Support Customized Tea Gift Sets For Wholesale?

You have our promise in this regard. Hundreds of mega-corporations have sought us for high-quality personalized tea sets and given only favorable feedback. For more details, click here.

Is There Any Special Deal For Large Orders?

Of course, there is. You may refer to our B2B sales page or contact us via phu@traviet.com for more suggestions and support.

What Is Co-Branding Service At Tra Viet?

This service entails customized packaging design and embroidered logos, complying with your specific demands. You have our words that these bespoke tea sets would leave a long-lasting imprint on your customers. 

The back of each package is adorned with the Tra Viet trademark, which serves as a seal of approval for the product’s qualities.

Can I Print My Logo On Tea Gift Boxes For Large Orders?

Yes, without a doubt. You might check our B2B websites or contact Tra Viet via phu@traviet.com for more details.

Logo Aside, Can I Change The Package Color For Large Orders?

The Tra Viet creative design team will have your back with these adjustments. You may also create the concepts and designs yourself if you wish to. Click our B2B page to learn more information.

How Do I Apply To Become A Wholesale Partner?

Kindly inform us through our email at phu@traviet.com. Tra Viet will reach you as soon as possible for further discussions.

What Payment Types Does Tra Viet Wholesale Accept?

PayPal invoicing payments are the primary option for Tra Viet projects. However, other alternatives might be on the table once we have consulted with our wholesale partners. Payment terms (Net 30, 60, or 90) are negotiable, too.

What Is The Minimum Order Amount?

Our starting point is $20,000 per contract. We do not receive orders below this benchmark.

Will There Be Any Pricing in My Tra Viet Delivery?

Yes. There will be a separate pricing list for each of our wholesale contracts, specifying delivery charges and other expenses. 

How and Where Can I Keep Track Of My Order?

Once all agreement terms have been settled, and the delivery date is set, Tra Viet will send you a separate account. Check it frequently to receive constant updates on the shipping procedure.

What Types of Shipping Are Available?

Tra Viet opts for DHL and FedEx shipping services, which have been critically acclaimed for fast delivery rates and excellent handling of delicate items. Most of our customers have had a pleasant experience with these two alternatives.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

The fees vary across each contract. Tra Viet will inform you of the total sum in a separate pricing list.