5 Types Of High Quality Tea In The World 

Tea is a popular beverage and a medicinal drink. People of all ages and experience levels have enjoyed it for centuries. And choosing the best tea is up to you. You can choose whatever you want to enjoy. In our humble opinion, you can still get the benefits that come with tea by consuming high quality tea regularly. Therefore, the quality of your tea leaves is important when talking about drinking tea for both taste and health. Not only a healthy beverage, but tea is also a delicious drink that brings harmony in all aspects of life.
We of Tra Viet would like to present you list the highest quality teas in the world.

high quality tea

A cup of Tra Viet tea


Thai Nguyen Green Tea

Thai Nguyen has been well-known in Vietnam for its hundred years of high quality tea cultivation. This province tea products, drinks are popular in Viet Nam. They are also highly valuable exports. In particular, the most delicious tea is Tan Cuong green tea. Tea products from this land are so charming. Some its attributes are from special soil, climate and especially experienced hand of farmers. Thai Nguyen green tea has sweet acid taste and harmonious and almost no bitter taste when drinking.



Matcha is essentially a very concentrated form of Green Tea. It is full of essential vitamins and minerals.This high quality tea is a specific powdered green tea cultivated in Japan. Its high content of L-theanine helps release the caffeine in Matcha gently. So Matcha gives you the energy without the jittery effects from coffee and allows you to be calmed yet in an alert state of mind.


high quality tea

Japanese Matcha


If Matcha is Japanese pride, Sencha is the best friend in their everyday life. Although It does not make noise as Matcha, Sencha still plays a very important role in daily ceremony tea. When visiting any houses in Japan, the very first choice to serve guests is always Sencha.


Bi Luo Chun

Bi Luo Chun is one of the most famous teas in the world and has deluxe name “The Best Of Green Tea”. According to the history, when parading, the emperor Kangxi enjoyed the tea. It had blue jade color, the natural essence of flowers and fruits, the light fresh pure taste. Because this tea is special like an 16-aged pure virgin, the emperor Kangxi give this tea new name Bi Luo Chun. Bi Luo Chun is widely spreaded and become the treasures of tea history in the world.

Long Jing Tea

Long Jing tea is a green tea. It is one of the most famous traditional Chinese teas. Long Jing tea originates from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with 1,200 years of history. Highlights of Long Jing tea is blue, rich aroma, sweet feeling in the mouth when drinking. Because of sparrow shape, the high quality tea has four special points: green beauty, fragant scent, sweet taste and beautiful shape.

High Quality Tea In Vietnam

Tan Cuong Tea

The most famous Thai Nguyen green tea is Tan Cuong tea. This special product from Tan Cuong possesses an incredibly delicious taste that can mesmerize any tea drinkers. Each sip of hot Tan Cuong tea pouring in mouth firstly leaves a little taste of bitter on the tip of the tongue, then transforms to a deep sweet.

Ancient Tea

Ancient green tea was picked from the ancient tea trees grown at the top of Ta Xua mountain – Son La Province where the fog covers all year round, the tea buds stand the harsh weather and turn white as snow, having a bold flavor. The ancient tea is clean from human’s affection and has a unique aroma, yellow and honey-thick liquid, deep bitter taste.

Ha Giang Snow Tea

If you look thoroughly, you will find that white color is from tiny downs around the tea buds. And these white downs cover the fresh tea buds in the trees. The tea trees with hundred-year-old have to strike deep root into the soil to absorb the nutrients to support them. And they also have to fight with the coldness and cloud all year round. Ha Giang Snow Tea are so beautiful, so keeping these white downs after processing is a challeng. The tea leaves also looks like siver needle tea because of that reason.



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