Matcha Green Tea Powder

What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Matcha green tea powder is more and more popular in Vietnam nowadays. It is the most commonly used as bakery ingredient. But do you know that it comes from the premium tea for traditional tea ceremony in Japan? So there are many surprises I will introduce about this special tea.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Characteristics Of Matcha Green Tea Powder

I briefly introduce the matcha with five simple features below:

  1. Made from the leaves of the tea tree (cemellia sinensis). Since it is in powder form and has a brilliant blue color, many of you suspect that matcha is not tea. But the fact that matcha is actually green tea. And it also made from tea tree as usual one (such as Thai Nguyen tea, oolong tea, black tea…).
  2. Tea tree is shaden in the last weeks before harvesting. This reduces the sun’s rays to tea trees, boosting chlorophyll, amino acids and antioxidants.
  3. To create a unique matcha powder, after processing, tea makers grind tea leaves on granite stone mills.
  4. All of the tea leaves are used, unlike other teas that only remove water and residue. So you consume a much larger amount of usefulness in the tea leaves.
  5. Japan is hometown of Matcha. Matcha is a traditional Japanese tea powder. Japanese tea ceremonies use this power regularly before being popular around the world. Nowadays people use matcha for cooking.

Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha is always highly appreciated for its health benefits. And it is superior thanks to two characteristics:

  1. In green tea leaves, the greatest benefit comes from antioxidant poliphenols. For matcha, the amount of this substance is maximized by getting away from sunray, outperforming ordinary tea.
  2. This tea has powder form. So It allows us to drink all the tea leaves without leaving residue as the tea leaves. So that we can enjoy full benefits of tea leaves, not just a part.

Types Of Matcha Green Tea Powder

  1. Matcha for drinking: This is the original use of it. This is a delicious tea, natural aroma, light mild. Tea makers also select the top buds of tee tree, so the cost is high.
  2. Matcha for cooking: Because of its powder form, people can easily use matcha in baking and modern cooking. This tea has a strong flavor, and usually using older tea leaves. So the price is also cheaper than matcha for drinking.

Ways To Purchase Good Quality Matcha

It is difficult to choose a good matcha type with consistent price. Generally matcha is more expensive than common green tea. So i just note you two tips to help you in buying the good one:

  1. Good matcha has green color, bright yellow, no pale. Colors reflect best the quality of matcha.
  2. And you should just trust the products manufactured in Japan.

How To Enjoy Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Well, this is the way I like it and encourage you to explore. Because I know you read my article only having something to do with matcha.

Mix with water and enjoy and you will be able to feel the true beauty of matcha.That is the reason why matcha is created. Taste is subtle, very light and fat, with a layer of foam like espresso. This tea also has an attractive jade green.

Brewing matcha is very different to ordinary green tea. You prepare a tea bowl, tea brush, boiling water.
Warm teaware: boil your teaware
Put tea powder in the bowl: 1 teaspoon is suitable for one drink
Pour water: Let the boiling water cool down, brew matcha at 70-80 ° C only, 70ml water is enough.
Foaming: Use a frothing wand to froth tea, until you have a smooth layer of foam on surface.
Enjoy: just enjoy the great taste.
This is not the best way to make tea. I will show you the full and delicate steps in another more detailed article, but this is enough for you to get started.

Matcha And Coffee

Another suggestion for people being addicted to coffee. Is Matcha a worthwhile alternative?

  1. Matcha has 2/3 caffeine in coffee and is much larger in regular green tea, a convincing figure to replace coffee.
  2. Caffeine in tea dissolve slowly, not like in coffee, so you will not have the feeling of restless like coffee. But you still have the alertness, necessary excitement. And it also helps create meditation in Japanese tea ceremony.
  3. The health benefits of matcha are so superior and pure. So if you are worry about the coffee blends in Vietnam now, pay more attention to your health with good matcha.
  4. A brilliant blue, bright as the color of natural leaves compares to dark brown. So which one you prefer?

Matcha has written “1200 years history of tea”. Let start to discover by yourself.

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