Delicious tea always costs you a decent amount. So knowing properly tea storage will help you enjoy its value in every sip of tea.

Tea makers handpick tea carefully, then sophisticatedly process to create rich and delicate flavors. To keep it up to your cup of tea, make sure you have followed the recommendations below.

6 Principles Of  Smart Tea Storage

  1. Keeps tea in dry environment: Keep away from water vapor in the air. Because it significantly reduces tea shelf life and grows mold.
  2. Keeps away from the strong flavors: Tea absorbs the flavor of anything near them. So you should stay away from strong flavors, which means kitchen cabinets, cupboards, cupboards … are totally unsuitable. Bookshelf is a great idea.
  3. Avoids light: Sunlight creates heat, changes the delicate taste of tea. Keep tea in a sealed jar or box. If you store tea in a glass jar, choose a dark jar, avoid direct sunlight. You also store in it for a short time.
  4. Arranges organizedly: Arrange your tea following a system that is meaningful to you such as taste, region, flavor… . It helps you identify exactly what you want on a day quickly.
  5. Notes the time: Please note the date of purchase, the harvesting season or the specific packaging date for each tea if it is possible. Because the tea you place on the shelf has a certain “life cycle”. Noting helps you enjoy each type tea in the best time of it.
  6. Do not “save”: Remember that the life of the tea is rather short (except Pu’er Tea). So drink the right time is how you enjoy wisdomly. And do not wait when having opportunities, do not wait to have a guest .

Life Expectancy Of Different teas

  1. Green tea, Oolong tea has the shortest life expectancy of the teas. The tea tastes the best within 4 months after production. After 4 months, the flavor fades.
  2. Black Tea and Black Oolong Tea have much longer storage times than Green Tea and Green Oolong. Many people also have a preference for these teas because aged tea tastes richer than other. But it is the best to drink it for 2 years, unless you have a special plan to make aged Oolong Tea.
  3. Pu’er Tea is another world of tea which is very special. The time with it is a good friend. Time also enrich the tea flavor.
tea storage

Box for storing 8g tea

tea storage

Box for storing 100g tea

tea storage

Vacuum bag for storing 24g tea

Easier To Store

  • Vacuum bags: Tea in a vacuum bag is always airtight, odorless. The silver layer helps to prevent light and air. Vacuum tea products make it easy to reach the preservation criteria without too much attention. All products of Tra Viet are vacuumed
  • Keep tea in the fridge, is it good? The refrigerator has high humidity, odor. However, if you pack tea in the vacuum bag, you can store it in refrigerator, as long as you have not opened. Experience shows that the cold environment extends the freshness of tea, also increases the tea life by three times.


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