Tea Gift Sets

Luxury gifts for tea lovers in your life – look here to find the perfect tea gift sets, tea tin gifts, or boxes for the ones you love. Our gifts are designed specially for tea drinkers. Moreover, our gourmet tea gifts have much to offer for men and women alike. A perfect tea gift is wonderful choice for every tea lover and occasion. Enjoy incredible value with these specified products and the convenience to make gift giving easy! We’re also happy to help you find the perfect tea gifts for all of the tea drinkers in your life. Try our tea gift sets or create your own custom tea gift set! Our tea gifts will also delight every tea lover on your customer list.

Box Styles

About all our box styles, we are very pleasure to introduce our customers 4 styles of our gift. There are Classic Tea Gift Sets, Convenient Tea Gift Sets, Tea Tin Tea Gift Sets and Pyramid Tea Gift Sets. It is based on the convenience and utility of each gift box. In Vietnamese culture, the red color signifies good luck. People use this color the most during festival seasons. Bear that in mind, we have also designed our products consists of traditional red color. It brings elegance and delicate for the gift set.

Classic Tea Gift Sets include red octagonal tea box. While Convenient sets include red squares tea box. The number of boxes in each product depends on types of product line. In addition, customers can choose our Pyramid Tea Gift as a courtly gift for your important people. Because of our experient and professional designers, we created a modern gift but did not lose its tradition.

Tea Gift Sets

Tea Tin Gift Sets

Material Of Tea Gift

Our material is quite varied. From classic art paper to luxury lacquer, we can fully meet the demand for any customers, even difficult ones. If our art paper tea box brings tradition and classic, the natural wooden ones brings elegance and sophistication. For Tea Tin Tea Gift Sets, customers can also have a luxurious tea gift with consolidation of tea tins. Therefore, this type of gift set brings modernity. The end result is a beautifully craft box design which guarantees to satisfy all tastes and desires.

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