Types Of Lotus Green Tea In Vietnam

Lotus green tea is considered a representative tea of ​​the tea culture of Vietnam, contributing to the world tea culture. This tea becomes a typical spirit of Vietnamese tea culture, bringing in many philosophies, courtesy and respect.

There are two main types of this tea. The first is Tay Ho lotus or another name is Vietnamese traditional. And the second is the tea of Bao Loc.

Vietnamese Traditional Lotus Green Tea

Vietnamese traditional lotus green tea is the best tea for first class. People have to take lotus from the early morning, because the fragrance is not flying much. According to the biological clock of this flower, every 5pm-7pm lotus flower open the buds to get the essence of heaven and earth, so only picking lotus to make Vietnamese traditional lotus drink during this period. From early morning dream, the pickers lotus hastily anti-boat picking. Lotus flower work depends more or less on nature, if it rains early, it is considered that the lotus bloom in that day will not give the best quality anymore because rain falls will affect the quality of fragrance. In addition, on the sunny days, lotus radiate much more fragrant than the day cloud overcast.

Teamakers use the flavor of lotus flower from West Lake in Ha Noi. Then, mixing with green tea from Thai Nguyen or Ancient tea or Shan tea from high mountain (Ta Xua, Ha Giang, Yen Bai…)

Bao Loc Lotus Green Tea

Bao Loc Lotus Green Tea leaves, soft tea wing, sponge, good smell. People grow tea at a height of 900-1,100m compared with sea level, with temperatures ranging from 17 to 25 C degrees. It has a history of more than 80 years, with artisans day and night diligently for each piece of tea, each step star marinated with handmade tea, for the tea fragrant lotion. Bao Loc lotus green tea is yellowish in color, fragrant and medium in taste.

Tea maker use a little flavor lotus flower with 6 types of herbal inside to mix Shan green tea. Teamaker calls Shan Tran Ninh in Bao Loc.

lotus tea

Ingredient to make the tea

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