Definition of the Glass teapot

The glass teapot is a common type of teapot in the market that people use glass to make in processing. It brings a lot of benefits to people who use it for brewing tea. Apart from their uses, the appearance of the glass teapot can bring a comfortable feeling for users and their attractions. Now, I would like to recommend you the new glass teapot from our company.

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The quality of glass material

One of the auxiliary pleasures of drinking tea is selecting accouterments: utensils, cups, kettles, storage tins. And of course, it is indispensable teapots especially glass teapot. The choices are legion with a dazzling array of shapes, sizes, decorative touches. Sometimes that blinds us to one of the most critical decisions that we must make in teapot selection: its quality!

Glass draws its strength from the earth. It mainly comes from natural minerals (sand, limestone and soda ash). Glass is an ecological material that is desired for its purity and elegance. Its stability enhances the natural quality of the glass. It easily withstands extreme temperatures of heat and cold.

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Clear glass teapots are a fabulous choice if you are fascinated with it.

The character of glass tea set

Although glass pots can stain and a little elbow grease, users will clean them up easily and completely. If soap is used, it is critical to rinse in hot water (thoroughly, many times). It is to ensure that no soap residue remains.

The glass teapots are gaining popularity because of their elegance and visual experience while brewing and serving your drink. Additionally, Glass teapots and kettles are particularly visually pleasing when brewing flowering and blooming teas. Glass transparency allows you to watch your tea change color and choose your preferred strength.

The glass teapot has its high values and good characters as follow:

  • Heat-resistant glass teapot
  • Quick drainage, easy to clean
  • The glass is transparent, thin, even, and no gas bubbles
  • Capacity of 200ml
  • The teapot is well-proportioned, harmonious and elegant in shape
  • Completely handcrafted

Standard glass tea sets

Usage and storage

Because the glass is a fragile material, so your teapot can crack if not handled properly. Additionally, the glass is not a good heat conductor, so your tea may take more time to brew than in a metal pot. Moreover, glass does not retain the heat well, so your tea will cool down quickly. Glass teaware doesn’t work with induction type stoves.

Most glass teapots are top rack dishwasher safe. Be careful when washing them in the sink and avoid immersing hot glass pots in cold water. Use vinegar to clean stains.

You should use a medium level heat source when boiling water in a glass teapot. Never put an empty teapot on the hot stovetop, as it will crack. Once the water has boiled, remove the teapot from the heat source immediately.

Before using the pot in the microwave, make sure to remove all metal parts. Then pour the water into the pot and microwave until boiling. Put the infuser back into the pot filled with loose tea leaves. Use an oven glove or potholder when handling a hot teapot to protect yourself from scalding.

Never put a hot teapot in a freezer or refrigerator and never put it directly on a gas or electric stove, because it might crack. Some manufacturers make complementary warming stands which use small tea candles that can keep the tea hot. Tea cozies are always suitable.

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