Glass Tea Sets

Glass tea sets – The perfect combination between heat-resistant glass and natural bamboo.

Glass is a wonderful material to help you enjoy the water color and the magic of the tea bud during brewing. Glass teapot, which is considered to be an honest teapot, correctly reflects the quality of tea, and is not affected by the taste of the tea you have brewed before.

The best thing is that you can contemplate the process in which tea leaves slowly expand in the teapot that cannot seen in other types of teapot.

  • Heat-resistant glass teapot
  • The tap has stainless steel spring, quick drainage, easy to clean
  • Glass is transparent, thin, even, and no gas bubbles
  • Capacity of 200ml
  • Teapot is well-proportioned, harmonious and elegant in shape
  • Completely handcrafted
Ấm trà thủy tinh


It is easy to enjoy tea leaves blooming slowly by the pure material of glass.


More than 12 years drinking and tasting hundred samples tea seriously, we are confident to promote the professional tea set whereas simple style.


Glass teapot is the best unique that is made by the artist with traditional blowing glass technique without any machines.

glass teapot

There are 3 flexible sizes