Ancient Leaf Tea

The Quality Of Ancient Tea Leaves

Ancient leaf tea from the old tea trees have grown for hundreds year, some for thousands year in rich, bio-diverse environments. Unlike farmed tree, the wild tea trees are strong enough to grow naturally on its own high up in the mountains. Because of that, they never use chemical or pesticides to take care. All belongs to the natural conditions. Moreover, the air in high mountain is pure, free from polution making the perfect growing natural conditions for high quality tea.

The cultivar of ancient tea tree in Vietnam belongs to Camellia Sinensis var.Assamica. That the reason why  the ancient leaf tea is thick, large and usually has more elasticity. After having brewed it, tea leaves still retain their form and elasticity. They are almost always surrounded by misty clouds. Those things make this tea becoming the different and specialty tea.

ancient leaf tea

Tea leaf in Cao Bo, Ha Giang

Ancient Tea And Pu erh tea

The leaves and stems of the ancient tea trees can made the Pu erh tea. In spite of using the same source plant for making green, oolong and black teas, the different processes make the different teas. For example, they don’t ferment white tea, but Pu erh tea is necessary to be post-fermented. This means Puerh tea’s processing includes both fermentation and then prolonged storage, or “aging”, under high humidity. Many people agree that the longer period of time storing, the better tasting of pu erh tea.

The Popular Ancient Green Tea Types In Vietnam

There are various of ancient teas. The ancient tea types depend on process to make tea. The different processes to create different teas. However, there are 2 kind of ancient tea are famous. One is Shan Tuyet Ha Giang (Snow tea) and other is Ta Xua ancient tea. The reason why we divide 2 types is that it belongs to the cultivar and the color of tea leaves after processing. So, both of them will give us the different taste.

Trà Shan tuyết Hà Giang

Snow tea leaves

Ancient tea leaves

Ancient tea leaves

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