Different Names Of Pu erh tea

There is a special type of Chinese tea called Pu erh tea or Pu’er. Traviet will show you in this page

The Unique Characters

People who make Pu erh tea selected from the Shan tea buds which grow on high mountains. The year-round cloud cover and the high temperature difference between day and night. In Vietnam, the provinces of Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Yen Bai, Dien Bien. There also have many Shan tea but the best tea is Shan Ha Giang.

Scientifically, this type is a tea that undergoes post-processing fermentation, usually during storage. With regular tea, there is only oxidation in the production process. Processing fermentation improves the taste of the tea, the chill gradually sweeter. The taste is gradually softened and changed through storage time, from blue, yellow to black.

Bánh trà Phổ Nhĩ
Dark Pu erh

Types Of Tea

Raw Pu erh: In the production process of Permanent Tea, there is no drying process which just only drying by exposure to the sun. The character in tea does not completely eradicate but will involve in the fermentation process when stored. The storage Tea can last up to 100 years, so this is the traditional way. Because of that people called the Raw Pu erh Tea.Ripe Pu erh:  When people wanted to shorten their archival years to several months.  By interfering with modern scientific technology, forced fermentation in the factory. This tea called Ripe Pu erh.

Both types of Pu erh are their own unique flavor. Newly-drunk people will like the ripe tea, but people who drink tea longer will love to store and discover the raw tea that changes over time. Both types of tea are traditional tea is the type of tea cake, but in essence it is tea leaves, after the sale close for storage and transportation. Appearance does not determine the quality of tea.

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