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Rosemary Tea


Rosemary tea is known for its strong support for blood circula- tion to the brain, thus helping to prevent you from neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and promote memory improve- ment. This tea will also be your good friend in time of digestive distress.In addition, if you are concerned about your hair growing thin, a cup of rosemary tea a day might be solved the problem.

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What Is Rosemary Tea?

Rosemary tea is an herb in use since ancient times. This fragant evergreen herb is rich in vitamins and minerals. It belongs to the mint family. Therefore, it aids in digestion, improves mental focus and keeps your brain sharp. Rosemary tea is best known as one of the most popular herbal tea in the world. Because of the rosmarinic and caffeic acids present in rosemary, this brings many health benefits for our life.

rosemary tea

A tea bag of that tea

The Benefits

People might know rosemary tea but they certainly didn’t know its benefits well. That is healing herbal tea due to its strong support for the body. Moreover, this herbal tea helps prevent you from neurological diseases and promote memory. This tea will also be your good friend in time of digestive distress. In addition, if you are concerned about your hair growing thin, a cup of this tea a day might solve the problem.

  • Helps digestive system work well

Firstly rosemary is known for its ability to keep the digestive system work well. So if you feel full after a meal, a cup of rosemary tea will make you feel good. It is also used as a remedy for indigestion and other digestive problems.

  • Raises the immune system

It helps promote immunity. Moreover, this tea has many good benefits for immune system due to the anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties,

  • Soothes irritated skin

In addition to rosemary, you can also mix bath water to soothe the skin irritation. It is effective in treating skin disorders such as psoriasis. You can also use this tea to treat acne.

  • Makes your hair healthy

Rosemary tea can be used as a hair conditioner, making the scalp healthy and long-haired. If you have dandruff, you can mix a little wax with tea for shampoo, which will help reduce dandruff clearly.

  • Prevents cold and flu symptoms

Taking a cup of this herbal tea regularly can help prevent colds and flu. They can also reduce migraines and headaches. And starting a day with rosemary tea will help soothing your body and mind, also keeping you awake and refreshed all day.

  • Enhances memory focus

Research has shown that a cup of tea of rosemary can help improving memory. Experts also recommend drinking a cup of tea every morning to increase concentration throughout the day.

The Ingredients

  • Rosemary leaves
  • Sweet leaves
  • Black tea
Rosemary tea

Ingredients of rosemary tea

How To Brew Rosemary Tea?

  • Preparation: large glass or teapot + rosemary tea + boiling water
  • Drinking hot tea: Firstly, rinse teapot or glass by hot water
  • Secondly put the tea bag in the teapot/glass. Then pour boiling water of 90 – 95 degrees into the teapot
  • Then soak tea for 5 minutes, so you have a cup of aromatic tea.


  • Herbal tea in general and rosemary tea in particular is also very good when drinking cold.
  • Drinking cold tea: Remove the dregs of tea, take water, also add ice or refrigerate for about 20 minutes and enjoy.

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Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province


Rosemary leaves, Sweet leaves, Black tea

Infusion temperature


Infusion time

5 minutes


Light red brown


Rosemary flavor, cool


Light sweet


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    Amazing! I love tea and this by far is my favourite!

  2. Phú

    Thank you so much

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