Lavender Tea


Lavender tea is one of the most popular and relaxing aromas in the world. Therefore,
it has been used as a home remedy to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders for thousands of years. It can also help you to digest better, and protect you from infection thanks to its antiseptic property. More importantly, drinking lavender tea everyday can help to reduce blood pressure, thus, diminish your risk of blood clotting, having strokes, and other heart diseases.

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What Is Lavender Tea?

Tra Viet lavender tea is one of favorite herbal tea of herbalists due to its various health benefits. This aromatic scent and light sweet drink is the special blending of Oolong green tea, lavender and sweet leaves.  So what makes that tea so special? This amazing drink contains very little tannin and caffeine, so that it does not cause insomnia.

Lavender is not only used for decoration but it is also the amazing tip to breeze fragrant to your thing. Its fragrance can stagnate in your closet for months and make your clothes fragrant longer. Lavender is also used to make perfume, essential oil, shower gel, … Due to the gracious and sweet flavor of lavender, teamakers use it as a special ingredient to make a comfortable tea for your life. So if you are not used to drinking tea, you can still enjoy it easily. This tea is also good for pregnant women or elderly people.

lavender tea

A tea bag of this herbal tea

The Benefits

Although this flower is known for its pleasant aroma and is often used in cosmetics and cleaning products to add a fresh scent, it actually has a host of health benefits.

Health benefits

  • Reduces anxiety & stress, also promotes relaxation
  • Treats sleep issues, also cures insomnia
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Antiseptic ability
  • Protects heart health
  • Prevents digestive issues, also prevents convulsions and spasms
  • Detoxify your body

Hair benefits

This is one of the most beneficial things if you’re consuming lavender tea. So, lavender will bring a lot of greatness for the good of your hair. Firstly it prevents hair loss due to its ability to alleviate the stress and depression feeling in your mind. In addition, this tea can treat dandruff. The essential oil that contained in lavender will be very beneficial to keep the health of your scalp because it will bring a lot of nutrition to you scalp and thus, it will treat dandruff. Finally, lavender tea is a great conditioner. Instead of drinking, you could apply your tea as a conditioner directly to your hair and wait for about 15 minutes, you’ll be surprised that your jair will look so shiny afterwards.

Skin benefits

Lavender tea will also be very beneficial for the health of your skin. The first benefit is the fact that the lavender could treat acne. Lavender tea will act as antiseptic which will fight against various bacteria that could be harmful for your body, including the bacteria that can cause the acne in your skin called P. acnes. On the other hand, it also can prevent skin-aging. The powerful antioxidant of the tea can act as anti-inflammatory and will fight against free radicals that without a doubt will be harmful for your skin. Free radicals will bring your skin a lot of negative effects, such as wrinkle ad heavy pigmentation. So, you better drink lavender tea and let it heal you from the inside.

The Ingredients

  • Lavender flower
  • Oolong green tea
  • Sweet leaves
Lavender tea


How To Brew Lavender Tea?

  • Preparation: large glass or teapot + Lavender Tea + boiling water
  • Drinking hot tea: Firstly, rinse teapot or glass by hot water
  • Secondly, put the tea bag in the teapot/glass. Then pour boiling water of 100 degrees into the teapot
  • Then soak tea for 5 minutes. Finally, you have a cup of aromatic tea.


  • Herbal tea in general and Lavender Tea in particular is also very good when drinking cold.
  • Drinking cold tea: Remove the dregs of tea, take water, also add ice or refrigerate for about 20 minutes.
  • Finally, everyone can enjoy this tea.

You can watch this video to get more clearly

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Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province


Lavender flower, Oolong tea, Sweet leaves

Infusion temperature


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5 minutes


Light yellow


Lavender flavor


Light sweet


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