Vietnamese green tea

Tea history in Vietnam

Vietnam has a long histroy of tea cosumption. The Vietnamese have been growing green tea for over 2000 years. Let’s start journey come back to the past, it is clear that China affected Vietnam’culture deeply and chinese bring drinking-tea habit to Vietnam. From the 13th to early 15th century, tea became popular in Vietnam because they believed that tea bring many precious value. People loved tea so much so they used their land to grow many kind of tea and made their vietnamese green tea. Up to now, green tea is still play a key role in spiritual life of Vietnamese.

The famous of Vietnamese green tea

In Vietnam, tea is the most favourite drinking stuff. In the morning, people start a new day with a cup of tea to wake their power. Moreover, Vietnamese green tea have different benefits. Some people use green tea to lose weight, unwind their mind after a long working day, against aging. Therefore, there are many teashops which available at any street corner in Vietnam. Drinking green tea become a nice habit in Vietname that they drink vietnamese green tea in everytime.

Vietnamese green tea appear in every activities in Vietnam: funerals, weddings, worshipping occasions,… Moreover, green tea is usually play in artwork such as: poems, songs, pictures,…Green tea is not only a thirst-quenching beverage but also the iconic of life in Vietnam.

Popular green teas in Vietnam

There are many kind of green tea in Vietnam: lotus green tea, panda green tea, thai nguyen green tea,….However, lotus green tea is still the best Vietnamese green tea. The Vietnamese like to mix flowers with tea such as jasmine tea, lotus green tea. This make tea have sweet flavor and good smell. In the past, lotus green tea was reserved king only.

Besides, ancient tea, ginseng oolong tea, top bud green tea are also the best choices that Vietnamese usually drink.

vietnamese green tea

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