Overview About Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen belongs to the highland region of Vietnam. The main nature resources are coal, iron, steel, and titan. There are two seasons here: winter lasts from November to April and summer is from May to October. When visiting Thai Nguyen, you can immerse yourself into the immense tea fields, rice terraces and fields. Some must – visit places in Thai Nguyen to discover such as: Nui Coc Reservoir, Coc Mountain, Phuong Hoang Cave, Mo Ga Stream. Thanks to good soil, Thai Nguyen tea, especially tea of Tan Cuong origin has long been a nation- wide famous product. Do not miss to enjoy this green tea when visiting this destination.

Climatic Condition For Growing Tea

Thai Nguyen terrain and weather have significant impact on the high quality tea products here. Generally, tea areas are located in valleys or on hills. There are many high mountains surrounding these areas like Tam Dao or Than Lan. They shield extreme sunlight of summer as well as freezing winds of winter. So environment at those farms is amazingly appropriate for growing tea with average temperature of 22℃ – 23 ℃ (72℉ – 73℉) during year. Humidity in Thai Nguyen also further enhances that properness with high level of rainfall from 2,000 to 2,500 mm per year.

thai nguyenEspecially, water source is also another crucial element to create the wonderful flavor of this famous tea. Water to sprinkle large tea plantations here is originated from Cong River and Nui Coc Lake. These green tea plants are fed lush by that mineral water flow.

Tea In Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen green tea has been processed from fresh tea leaves. Normally, the farmer will pluck one bud and two youngest leaves. Furthermore, the cultivar tea in this area belongs to Camellia Sinensis var.Sinensis. So, It is small, dark leaves are light in body. The color of tea water is green yellow. It has the good smell like young grass, Vietnamese young green rice. The taste is quite strong with bitterness but it has the long sweetness aftertaste.

All needed for a whole day healthy refresher is green tea leaves and boiled water. The tea favorite bitterness that later turns into romantic sweetness in mouth is all Vietnamese need from a sip of tea. Therefore, you will have refresh and relax feeling after drinking it.It is good for preventing cancer, specially stomach, bowel, breast cancer. Moreover, it increases immune system and loses weight.

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