Tea Coffee Facts

Tea and coffee drinking has been a tradition of Vietnamese people for over thousands years. But tea coffee? Yes we are serious !

Vietnamese Tea & Coffee

  • Tea:

    There are many types of tea in Vietnam , each with its own unique flavor and properties. Tea cultivation, the history of tea in Vietnam, its relationship to the environment. Also its economic impact on the ethnic minorities who grow it and the social importance of tea drinking rituals. They could all provide topics for extensive research.

  • Coffee:

    Vietnam is the world’s biggest producer of the strong flavored Robusta beans, used in instant coffee and coffee-blend drinks such as packaged espresso milk drinks. Vietnam accounts for around 17 percent of the world’s coffee output and provides 50 percent of the world’s low-end Robusta beans Vietnam’s coffee sector has experienced a decade of solid growth which has seen coffee exports reach $3 billion a year.


tea coffee

The Popular Places That Grow Good Tea & Coffee In Vietam?

Coffee :

  • Central Highlands : DakLak, Gia Lai, Kontum, Lam Dong, Buon Me Thuot
  • Southeast : Dong Nai, Ba Ria–Vung tau, Binh Phuoc

Tea :

  • Central Highlands : Lam Dong
  • Northen : Son La, Ha Giang, Thai Nguyen
  • Centre : Ha Noi

What Is The Special?

tea coffee

The aromatic flavor of this tea will please your morning as much as a cup of coffee, or even better. It will certainly be your brain-booster for a more energetic in the morning. Moreover, coffee can help to reduce your risk of having Alzheimer, Parkinson, type 2 diabetes, liver diseases as well. You can also find it good at treatment of migraine, using in tranquilizers, helping heal wounds. Also burns and preventing the effects of pollutants

Uniquely, it is a tea associated with happiness because its coffee component can lower your risk of depression. In addition, when you need a healthy skin free of acne. So if you want to stay happy everyday, this is the best tea of yours.

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