Tea box –  Premium Tea Gift

Our team at TraViet consists of a team of tea expert together with a professional designing team, which make us the feild leader when it comes to providing customized gift sets for corporation, travelling tea gift, 5-stars hotel, luxury resort. Moreover, TraViet Tea Box have many options for customer to choose tea and cover it in a box.

Tea Box – Classic Gifts

In Vietnamese culture, the red color signifies good luck and is used the most during festival seasons. In addition, we have designed our Classic Gifts Tea Box consists of the traditional red – colored box outside with  inside packaging consists of several art – oriented . It brings elegance and sophistication for the gift set.

  • Classic Tea Gift Sets includes 4, 3, 2 or 1 red octagonal tea boxes.
  • Convenience Tea Gift Sets 4 includes 4 red octagonal tea boxes.
  • Convenience Tea Gift Sets 2 includes 2 red octagonal tea boxes.

Tea Box – Modern Pyramid Box

The perfect point of this shape is connection of the best martiral and DongHong Painting base on the profressional paper from Korea.

Pyramid Gift Box includes 15, 10, and 5 pyramid teapacks.

Tea Box – Wooden Tea Gifts

Each TraViet wooden box has natural wood texture from the white balsam trees. Every Box is elehantly engraved with folk arts using a sophisticated heating method.

The end result is a beautifully craft box design which also guarantees to satisfy all taste and desires.

Tea Box – Gift Set

  • Glass Tea Set: Glass is a wonderful material to help you enjoy the water color and the magic of tea bud during brewing.
  • Porcelain Tea Set: The impression Tea Set with side handle tea pot made from exquisted ivory white procelian material.
  • Superior Tea Set: Tea Set of six cups throughout the combine with large bamboo tray to create luxury and modern style. Thus, this Tea set fix to use for living room or office.
  • Couple Tea Set: Tea set with couple cups makes suitable and little beauty. It also fix to send time for friend or enjoy by yourself
  • Standard Tea Set: Tea set with four cups of tea has just compacted and beautiful.

Tea Box – Lacquer Gift Set

Lacquer products are now well-known in the artisanal arts because of the luxury and aesthetics of the product. However, to achieve perfection, it requires skill workers who have many years of experience and technical skills. Based on the characteristics of the lacquer material, we has lauched a lacquer gift box of four luxury colors. In particular, golden, platinum, ruby and sapphire.

  • Luxury: with the wood material inside and shiny surface layer combine with the traditional theme of Dong Ho painting to perceive the luxury and higrh rank of product.
  • Handicrafts:  From raw material become premium product, people made every step very skillful and they have many years experience .

Tea Box

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