Red Rice Tea Benefits

Red Rice Tea Benefits

Red rice has a high nutritional value because of the intacting germ of the rice. This aromatic rice tea brings us the refreshing and interesting. Roasted rice flavour is sweet. That combines perfectly with dried tangerine peel or sweet leaves. There are many red rice tea Benefits, from making life healthier to beauty benefits.

red rice tea benefits

A cup of red rice tea

Lowers Blood Cholesterols

Red rice is good for people with heart diseases as it can greatly lower Cholesterol. The Anthocyanin in red rice is part of the reason why it is good for you. Not only having anti-cancer properties, but It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and heart disease prevention. If you or someone you know has a heart disease, making the switch from white rice to red rice is definitely a better choice.

Helps Support Diabetes Patients

Red rice are better for diabetes because its glycemic index is lower than white rice. And if you love to eat rice but has diabetes, don’t worry. Rice is not just about white rice. Whole grain rice is like brown rice, black rice and red rice is your healthier alternative. You don’t have to quit rice at all if you’re a diabetic. Besides, as long as you eat red rice in moderation with the right portions, you’ll be fine.

Good For Your Skin

Red rice can prevent your wrinkles due to its natural pigment coloring. The powerful antioxidant properties of anthocyanin can delay the signs of aging. Research has shown that it can also protect you from skin cancer and other skin diseases. Red rice is a better alternative than its white rice counterparts because it doesn’t just make you healthy it also makes you keep that youthful look as well.

Good For Pregnant Women

This tea also good for pregnant women. It eases morning sickness and cures motion sickness. That is traditional Chinese drinks and beverages for breastfeeding mums.
So if you are a new mum, you need to drink roasted red rice tea instead of water for about three months.

Now that you’ve read about the health benefits of red rice, especially red rice tea and discovered how amazing this superfood can be for you and your family. Would like to try red rice tea? You can find that special tea in Tra Viet. You won’t be disappointed, for sure!




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