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As an example, successful partner or clients relationships can include numerous factors. Generally, one of the oft- overlooked methods of showing your preferred partner or clients that you care is to send them a corporate gifting – a present you know will mean something to them. Together with the market tendency and modern customer’s desire. Tra Viet – a Premium Tea Gift company such as ourselves have been presenting personalized business gifts choices. So that you can easily choose the personalized business gifts that is perfect for your clients by making your own company’s hallmark on it !

Why you should choose Tra Viet?

Above all, the best test of whether your clients or customers will be pleased with an incentive or promotional gift is your own feeling about it. If you think it’s a cheesy, inexpensive bit of promotional fluff, chances are that they’ll see it the exact same way. Likewise, remember that your customers and clients will associate your company with any item that carries its name. For this reason, when you choose promo giveaway items, be sure to choose items that speak well of your company.

Then again, why don’t you use cups of tea as an important key of your success? And you can make over all every important strategy, deal and decision easily. Thus, personalized business gifts are thoughtful and healthful gifts can impress clients, employees, partners and vendors. Those unique gifts are also extremely classy and reflect quality of your company. Furthermore drinking tea is incredibly healthy too.

1. Beauty

Throughout 13 years in market, Beauty is always our top criteria and our loyalty clients have seen it in every single product of us.

2. Unique

Also, we redesign a traditional product to make clients interested. By choosing the right product, the clients will have a good appraise to you or your company.

3. Logo printing

Furthermore, your company’s Logo appears on a high-quality and unique product will make a wonderful impression.

4. Professional

Lastly, with hundreds orders are made and the cooperation with hundreds business/companies in Vietnam. We believe it’s the clearest proof for our steady commitment.

Personalized Business Gifts

Actually, it doesn’t matter for what occasion you are shopping Corporate Gifts but it should be appropriate and also in budget. The following corporate gifts ideas that Tra Viet provided will be perfect for people within your company, or board members and investors.

Moreover, Tra Viet have launched so many different corporate gift sets that will suit your partner/clients’s character or social standing individually. With our range of fantastic and unique personalized business gifts sets, you’re guaranteed to find something perfect for any recipient. Especially your partners and clients.

In addition, in Tra Viet it is possible to customize the corporate gift boxes the way you want. Such as with your logo and decoration as a fast and easy way to have your own hallmarks. And an impressive brand printing, an unique design, and a beautiful story will also make your corporate gifts more elegant and delicate.


personalized business giftsPolicy and Interests

  1. Where is your logo printing?

Here are some tips for placing order in Tra Viet

1. How to buy :

You can contact us by 2 ways

1: Directly call to hotline 0903 037 017, Tra Viet sales staff will give you advices, answer all your questions and help you to choose the right gift.

2: Through website:

Step 1: Firstly, Click on the small chat box on the right

2: Secondly, Tell a sales staff about your need and offer

3: Finally, Place order

2. Payment guidelines

  • Pay when receive product (COD – Cash On Delivery)
  • By credit card
  • By bank transfer

3. Delivery policy

  • Depends on the quantity, Tra Viet sales staff will inform to you about the exact delivery fee.
  • Our sales staff will discuss about exact delivery time with you and it will be placed in the contract.

4. Return policy

As a rule, in this case the products are broken or have problem that come from us, it can be returned by directly contacting our sales staff. If it comes from you, our sales staff will give you best advices for the solution but will not guarantee to take 100% responsibility.

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