Lavender Earl Grey Tea

About Lavender Earl Grey Tea

There are many kinds of lavender tea. But there is one can unwind you, reset your mind after a long working day. This is lavender earl grey tea.

The Ingredients

Lavender earl grey tea is combination of earl grey tea and lavender flowers

Earl Grey is the second most consumed tea in the world. While Earl Grey is one of the most popular tea in England, it was not an England invention. . The exact reason why the tea was named for Grey is unknow but one history of origin of Earl Grey explains that a Chinese mandarin tea master blended the first Earl Grey tea as a gift for Charles Grey.Therefore, Earl grey tea named after the second Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1830s. According to the Grey family, the tea master use bergamot which make special taste of tea. There is something about sweet, floral, sour and bitter flavor profile of bergamot. There are many ways to make Earl Grey tea so everytime you try Earl Grey tea has probably slightly different in the taste.

Lavender flowers are one of the most characteristic flowers of the West. Not only beautiful and fragrant, pepople can also use this flower to make lavender tea and create a very characteristic lavender tea flavor.

lavender tea

A tea bag of Tra Viet lavender tea

Therefore, the flavored lavender earl grey tea almost include any types of tea: green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, herbal tea. The taste seems like fruit, flowers, natural flavors.


Lavender earl grey tea with mild fragrance. Thanks to that it relax central nervous system. Morover, lavender flower in lavender earl grey tea can be beneficial for people with neurological disorders or who are prone to depression, anxiety or stress. The essence of lavender helps relieve stress, makes the spirit more comfortable. Therefore, you can enjoy a cup of lavender earl grey tea before going to bed. It makes you  sleep better and deeper certainly.

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