Hibiscus Tea Bags

The Shape Of Hibiscus Tea Bags

In Tra Viet, the hibiscus tea bags are packed in elegant pyramid boxes and you can buy 1 or 2 hibiscus tea pyramids to enjoy themself. If you want buy hibiscus tea bags as a gift to your customers, boss, parents,  you should make purchase 5, 10 or 15 hibiscus tea pyramids. In Tra Viet, we have a beautiful boxes that can contian 5 hibiscus tea bag pyramids, 10 pyramids or 15 pyramids and it will make your present more meaning.

hibiscus tea


The miracle mixture of hibiscus tea make from hibiscus flower, black tea and stevia. Hibiscus tea is ruby red because the hibiscus flower is red. This is a special flavor that in first taste, tea is sour but aftertaste it is sweet.  This taste come from hibiscus ( sour) and stevia ( sweet).

The taste of hibiscus is complex but hibiscus tea bags are easy to use. First of all, you prepare glass or teapot with hibiscus tea bags and boiling water. Then, you need to put glass/teapot in boiling water in 30s. After that, you put the hibiscus tea bag in the teapot/glass and pour boiling water 90-95 degrees into teapot/glass. Waiting 5 minutes, you can enjoy it.

Hibiscus tea know as medicinal tea so you can drink hibiscus tea in everytime because it is really good for your health. Moreover, if you feel stress and want a quick cup of hibiscus tea but you just have a five-minute break at work . Hibiscus tea bags are the ideal way to make this happen. You don’t need to measure out how much hibiscus tea you need. Thanks to, hibiscus tea bags, you can make their own tea cup in short-time.

Where Can You Buy Hibiscus Tea Bag

You can buy hibiscus tea bags in any teashop in the world. In Vietnam, you can find it in Tra Viet.

In Tra Viet, hibiscus tea is alway one of the most popular herbal tea that customer like to buy. We believe that we can bring to you a high quality gift and satisfy your need.

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