Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas for Business Partner

In marketing, there is something known as a “drip campaign”. In which companies make sure they keep touching their customers via email or mail to nurture the relationship and encourage future business. Besides, certain benefits come from this constant contact. The same principle holds true in corporate gifting. So, here are 4 specific reasons you need to send  gifts to your clients on a regular basis and 4 corporate christmas gift ideas for your business.

4 Reasons You Should Send Corporate Gifts to your business partner :

  1. Gifts Bridge Divides

    Regardless of where you are geographically speaking, you can send corporate gifts to clients that make them feel close even when you may be on separate continents.

  2. Personalized Gifting Reinforces Your Brand

    If you value your brand, show those who chose to do business with you that your brand stands for relationships, thoughtfulness, and going the extra mile. Nowadays, many corporate gifting services allow for customisable branding, which means your business logo accompanies the warmth felt by the recipient.

  3. Staying in Touch Keeps the Relationship Open

    Remember the drip campaign? When your corporate gift arrives, it opens up the lines of contact. Because the client will most likely reply, it’s like providing you the opportunity to discuss ongoing business needs and solutions. Perhaps, you sent your client a gift hamper on her birthday, but that hamper will likely sit on her desk for days, keeping you and your business in the front of her mind.

  4. Gifting Sets You Apart From the Competition

    Chances are, you aren’t the only business your client works with, but gifting may help you be their favorite. Mostly, people do business with those they know and like. Then sending a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to distinguish your business as a preferred partner.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Business

It doesn’t matter for what occasion you are shopping corporate gifts but it should be appropriate and also in budget. The following chrismas gifts ideas that Tra Viet provided will be perfect for people within your company, or board members and investors.

Things are, finding the best christmas presents can be stressful at this festive time of year. Well, we are here to help make that last gasp rush for a gift a thing of Christmas past

Now, these are some typical corporate christmas gift ideas for you, check it out !

  1. Christmas Gift Tea sets from Tra Viet.

    Fortunately, Tra Viet have launched so many different gift sets that will suit your partner/clients’s character or social standing individually. With our range of fantastic and unique corporate tea gift sets, you’re guaranteed to find something perfect for any recipient, especially your partners and clients.
    In addition, in Tra Viet it is possible to customize the gift boxes the way you want. Like with your logo and decoration as a fast and easy way to have your own gifts. And an impressive brand printing, an unique design, and a beautiful story will also make your gifts more elegant and delicate.

    corporate christmas gift ideas

    Tra Viet corporate tea gift

  2. A luxury Fountain Pen

    So, what can be more perfect for your VIP Partner than an expensive, luxury and high-class Fountain Pen ? Well, you tell me.Hình ảnh có liên quan 

  3. A Professional Notebooks

    Nevertheless, beside a luxury Pen, how about A Professional Notebook ?Kết quả hình ảnh cho professional notebook

  4. A Paperweight

    Last but not least, “Never underestimate the power of A paperweight.”Kết quả hình ảnh cho luxury paperweight

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