The Leading Tea From Sri Lanka

Ceylon tea is a popular type of black tea. That tea comes from Sri Lankan. It is a favorite beverage for many tea drinkers serving as an iced tea or warm tea. While Ceylon is famous due to its bold flavor. It can also vary greatly in taste, depending on where it’s grown in the country.

ceylon tea

The Special Characters Of Ceylon Tea

When tea experts evaluate some appearance of the tea, they can find how good this tea is. Some of properties are colour of the leaf, as well as colour, strength, quality, aroma and flavour of the tea. All Ceylon flavors are generally bold, full, and brisk. Ceylon tea benefits may include a boost in metabolism or decreased risk of disease.

However, each Ceylon tea has distinctive taste and qualities unique to itself. Likewise each region in Sri Lanka has its unique characteristics. This also makes the taste and quality of tea differs from region to region. There are many distinct Ceylon tea districts. And each district has its own climate and elevation.

Kandy Province

Kandy is famous for mid-grown teas and is also responsible for producing flavor teas. Teas from Kandy has bright infusions with coppery tones, and also has fair amounts of strength and body.

Uva Province

The tea in the Uva region has a distinctive flavor and are mainly used in blends. Uva produces black tea with a distinctively sweet flavor and exotic aroma that can handle a little bit of milk. This region is also responsible for producing a significant amount of green tea.

Sabaragamuwa Province

The liquor of tea is similar to that of the teas from southern district. This is a dark-yellow brown with a hint of red. The aroma though is completely different with a hint of sweet caramel.

Nuwara Eliya Province

Nuwara Eliya is the highest elevation tea-producing area in Sri Lanka. It produces tea with a delicate, floral fragrance and light, brisk flavor. Teas of Nuwara Eliya are also exceptional with ice. You can add a lemon slice for better taste.

Dambulla Province

Dambulla is a tea-growing region in central Sri Lanka. Some teas of this region are full-bodied, while others are delicate. But most are mellow in flavor.

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