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Business Gifts In Customer Service Strategy

Customers play a key role in business. In fact the customer is the actual boss and response for the profit of the company. So that it is important for company to retain clients or make new customers. The company should have some strategies to build buyer satisfaction, maintain a trusting and secure the relationship. And sending business gifts is one of the most efficient ways to show thanks to clients. Business gift or customer gift which a organization sends to clients or other companies without charge to show the appreciation or goodwill.

In business, companies should divide clients into different groups to manage due to it values and profis. There are four main groups of clients: Loyal Customers, Potential Customers, Discount Customers and New Customers. A company should always focus on loyal clients. They should expand and develop the product range to leverage customers.

What Is The Best Business Gift?

What makes a great gift? I think there are some elements to consider:

Firstly, business gifts should be relevant to the individual receiving it. A gift do not carry an advertising message but it provide great value to the clients to show how much you respect them.

Secondly, consider how much the company might spend into a corporate gift is important too. When it comes to gifts, businesses try to figure out how little they can spend. Trying to avoid spending too much on gifts. Certain types of service providers have limits for the types of gifts they can receive and some are not allowed to accept gifts at all. Postal workers, for example, aren’t allowed to accept corporate gifts worth more than $20.

Finally, the most important thing the company can do when giving gifts is to make sure that they remember everyone. Don’t offer gifts to only certain company or client. To avoid overlooking anyone, keep a running list of clients and companies. Don’t forget to check it carefully before sending gifts or cards.

There are some kinds of corporate gift which can attract customer:

  • Give a free additional service.
  • Listen to customers and personalise their corporate gift.
  • Make a thank-you video
  • Start a loyalty programme or VIP club.
  • Offer gift cards or a discount
  • Give away promotional items.


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