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Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen plain tea when is brewed, it will give the sweet aroma of young rice, slightly green liquid, rather bitter taste and sweet aftertaste. This unflavored tea is undoubtedly a favorite of experienced tea lovers, and long ago it had been an imperial tribute tea.

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Thai Nguyen green tea – one of the most famous Vietnamese green teas.

Thai Nguyen  green tea is also calls fishhook. The farmer produces it in Thai Nguyen tea region. Therefore, the way of calling Thai Nguyen tea is mainly due to the difference in calling in each region.

Thai Nguyen tea has been recognized by the French as the best tea in Indochina like oolong tea. They don’t mix any flavor inside, so we can call pure tea, and very much appreciated by connoisseurs. It has been the high-grade tribute to the kings.

This type is very famous and popular in Vietnam. The farmer makes it every month. Vietnamese people in the Northen often drink it every day.

Beside of that, the skillful hands of tea makers, they pick up with the standard of one bud and two leaves. Following the manual processing, tea leaves shape are curly as a hook, and white as dew snow.

How to produce Thai Nguyen tea?

First of all, green tea is often referred to as non-fermented or unfermented teas. Especially, Thai Nguyen green tea in Vietnam has quite different between Japan or China. That means it has rich taste as strong bitter, full flavor like young green rice or young grass in the Northen  Vietnam.

Firstly: Withering tea leaves: afer picking up fresh tea leaves, they will spread out on the bamboo trays for one or  two hours

Next : killing green (heating): to prevent oxidation and preserve freshness. On the other hand, the important points in this step are controling the temperature, the amount of fresh tea leaves and the heating time.

Then: Rolling: the farmer rolls tea leaves into various shapes like fishhook.

Finally: Drying by machine: The quality of this type belongs to drying times and temperature.  Normally, they will dry for 2 to 4 times.

Thai Nguyen green tea

Thai Nguyen green tea leaves

A cup of Thai Nguyen green tea

A cup of Thai Nguyen green tea

How to brew Thai Nguyen green tea

Additional information


Thai Nguyen province


1 bud and 2 young leaves

Infusion temperature


Infusion time

20 seconds


yellow green and clear


young green grass


bitter and sweet aftertaste


3 times


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