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Snow tea is a special tea with tea fibers covered by white fluffy as snow. The tea leaves instead of picking up “a shrimp – two leaves” as usual, they just pick “a shrimp” (small buds on the shoots only). That must be the tea buds are sucking dew, on the leaves surface coated with a thin coating silver iridescent as snow.

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High quality Vietnamese tea in Ha Giang

Snow tea which bubs have the white color as snow. Furthermore, if you look thoroughly, you will find that white color is from tiny downs around the tea buds. And these white downs cover the fresh tea buds. It is the self-protection mechanism of tea buds to withstand the harshness of nature. The tea trees with hundred-year-old have to strike deep root into the soil to absorb the nutrients to support them. And they also have to fight with the coldness and cloud all year round. Tea buds are so beautiful, but keeping these white downs after processing is a challenge that not all people can do. The tea leaves also looks like siver needle tea because of that reason.

Beside that, the shape of tea buds are curly and evenly round, while keeping the “snow” layer covered outside of tea buds. We always require tea producers who have a lot of experiences and skillful to produce good tea with keeping snow buds perfectly.

Tea picked, whether little or much, the tea makers will produce immediately all day and night.The producer should coddle and work all the time until a batch of tea is finished. Only a small amount of negligence can spoil the whole batch of tea. So, tea producers have to put much effort to get a good teapot of snow tea.

snow tea leaves

snow tea leaves

How to produce ?

This type belongs to green tea because of the non-fermented (it’s around less than 10%). It is from Ha Giang province, the Northern Vietnam. There is the basic processing to make this tea in a Dao minority’s family.

First step: Withering tea leaves: afer picking up fresh tea leaves, they will spread out on the bamboo trays for one or  two hours

Second step : killing green (heating): to prevent oxidation and preserve freshness. On the other hand, the important points in this step are controling the temperature, the amount of fresh tea leaves and the heating time.

ancient tea leaves

Tea leaves after rolling

Third step: Rolling: the farmer rolls tea leaves into curly shape.

Last step: Drying by machine: The quality of this type belongs to drying times and temperature.  Normally, they will dry from 2 to 3 times.

snow tea

Brewing snow tea

How to brew Snow tea?

Additional information


Ha Giang province


top bud and first young leaf

Infusion temperature


Infusion time

20 seconds


light yellow


sweet flavor and fruity


sweet aftertaste


5 times


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