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Oolong tea is rolled into tiny balls and 30% oxidized that when is brewed, it will be made a subtly sweet aroma, a soft yellow liquid, smooth taste, sweet aftertaste, and does not have bitter taste like other tea varieties. Oolong tea brings great health benefits as it is rich in antioxidant, prevents heart disease, fights agaist cancer, strengthens immune system, improves memory, lower risk of stroke, helps the intestine and weight loss …

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One of the high quality teas in high mountain tea group.

Oolong Tea (wu long tea) is one of special tea because of the complex processing. It will take around 36 hours to 48 hours to produce. Because of that, it includes many steps such as wilting, killing green, fermentation, crushing, shaping, drying… On average to get 1 kg of dried tea, it takes about 4.5 kg of fresh tea leaves.

Furthermore, if the tea maker wants to get good tea, it must comply with technical requirements between raw materials and stages of processing from fresh tea to dry tea.

As a result of processing, the tea leaves are round, smooth, less denuded and green. It is also round, has no or little debris. Dried tea has sweet smell, subtle smell of cinnamon if it is Four Seasons cultivar. And  Jin Xuan Tea has milk smell, that’s reason why you can call it is Milk oolong. If the smell of milk likes the formula milk, tea is probably mixed with milk flavor, so the quality of tea is poor.
The suitable teapot to brew it is Yixing, ceramic or porcelain. Tea cup should be also white enamel to have beautiful and good-looking tea water. It helps you have a good tea cup to enjoy.

oolong tea

tea leaves

Wu long tea in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are two areas where have big factories to produce the mass production to export and sell in local. It is Lam Dong province in Lam Vien highland with altitude is 800 – 1.500m. Another place is Moc Chau highland with altitude is 1.050m, belongs to Sơn La province. Therefore, high mountain oolong in Vietnam gets the high quality.

Beside of that, Jin Xuan cultivar is the most popular to produce wulong tea in Viet Nam. Because it is easy to grow and give the large quantity each year to make wulong.

Oolong tea plantation

Tea platations in Bao Loc, Lam Dong province


Cách pha trà ô long chuyên nghiệp


How to brew Oolong Tea

Additional information


Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province


top bud and 2 young leaves

Infusion temperature


Infusion time

20 seconds




sweet flavor and cinnamon


light bitter, sweet aftertaste


5 times


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