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A cup of hibiscus tea a day can be given you a relief from high blood pressure and high choles- terol, boost up your immune system for a stronger wellness, and speed up your metabolism for a healthy weight loss. Thus, it helps to reduce your risks of having heart diseases, infection, and obesity. Besides, hibiscus tea can be also used to increase your appetite so it is a great tea to drink before your meal.

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The tea revolution is taking over the world, especially in Asia. The health benefits of natural tea are becoming common knowledge these days due to the flat world. And one of the most famous tea is hibiscus tea. So let’s take a peek into it.

What Is Hibiscus Tea?

The colorful hibiscus flower is cultivated worldwide due to its aesthetic appeal and its medicinal uses. It also contains acidic polysaccharides and flavonoid glycosides, such as cyanidin and delphinidin. So that it has its characteristic impressive bright red color. Hibiscus also has a flavor similar to cranberry. Although few studies have tested the benefits of hibiscus, early research suggests that hibiscus tea may offer antioxidant effects.

Hibiscus tea is well known as an herbal drink. This is mixture with black tea as well as the dried and brightly colored hibiscus.  In addition, it is widely available in the market throughout the tea-drinking world. You can also consume hot or cold depending on your preference. Above all, this is one of the most popular special herbal teas.

hibiscus tea

A tea bag of this herbal tea

The Benefits

Hibiscus tea is carrying full-packaged benefits for your health due to the numerous nutrients contained. It includes vitamin C, as well as antioxidants and minerals. Because of the benefits, that tea is even used for treating some diseases. In addition, it helps to reduce your risks of having heart diseases, infection, and obesity. Besides, it can be also used to increase your appetite. So this is a great tea to drink before your meal.

Firstly, drinking this tea in warm helps soothe the painful menstrual cramps. Because hibiscus tea can balance your hormones, thus easing the cramps. In addition it can fight several other health issues during menstruation including mood swings and overeating.

  • Aids Digestion As Well As Constipation

Secondly hibiscus tea can improve your bowel and bladder function. This tea aids digestion as carries diuretic properties so it increases urination and normalizes bowel movements. It is also helpful in curing constipation and indigestion.

  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels

This red tea is full of antioxidants so it helps in lowering LD. This is also brings down the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and or any of the cardiovascular diseases.

  • Also Brings Down Blood Sugar Levels

Hibiscus tea is also a blessing to those who have Type-II diabetes. Due to its hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties, this tea bring down the levels of blood sugar.

  • Treats Depression

With rising expectations and stress levels, it’s easy to fall prey to depression. Among the ways to beat the blues is also sipping lukewarm hibiscus tea. Due to its rich flavonoids that carry antidepressant properties, this tea helps fight depression. It also calms our nervous system, reduces anxiety attacks by making us more relaxed.

  • Prevents Hypertension

In addition if your blood pressure levels are high, have hibiscus tea to lower your BP. Not only clinical trials but scientific studies also support the claim. This tea also helps lower the chances of hypertension even in healthy people. However, when these healthy people stopped drinking the tea, they saw their blood pressure spike. This effect of hibiscus tea on hypertension is also because it has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. So if you want everything work properly, you sould consume three cups a day for a few weeks.

  • Also Weight Management

On the other hand, hibiscus extract can lower the absorption of starch and glucose that may lead to weight loss. Also, hibiscus stops the production of amylase that helps speeding up of absorption process of carbohydrates. So if you want to lose weight, take this tea.

  • Prevents Kidney Stones

Your kidneys can also get a boost from this tea. Studies indicate that hibiscus has antiurolithiatic properties because it can prevent the calcium oxalates from forming. So, drinking hibiscus tea can be effective in inhibiting kidney stones.

  • Anti-Aging

Another benefit of this red tea is a solution for your youth. Antioxidants in that tea remove the visible signs of aging from our face such as loss of moisture, elasticity and wrinkles. So your youth will be back.

  • Also Have Laxative Effects

In addition this tea is used as mild laxative. Although there is not enough research on humans to prove the laxative properties of hibiscus, animal studies show therapeutic effects of hibiscus.

  • Chemo-Preventive Effect

Other benefits apart, hibiscus can also help us battle cancer. The flower has many chemo-preventive as well as tumor-fighting properties. Studies highlight the chemo-preventive potential of hibiscus components due to its property. These active ingredients also help arrest the spread of tumors

  • No caffeine

Caffeine is good for your health especially in boosting your energy and increasing your concentration. However, there are more side effects to be aware of especially for those who can’t stand caffeine. Since it is commonly contained in tea and coffee, you can’t avoid taking caffeine unless you are choosing hibiscus tea. This tea is fully free of caffeine so you don’t have to worry about your caffeine intake.

  • Also Richness of Vitamin C

Vitamin C in that tea has provided many benefits for your body. It also helps you maintain your wellness without having to struggle too much. In addition, vitamin C is also boosting your immune system and lowering the risks of some chronic diseases.

Although hibiscus tea is no doubt a wonder drink, it does have its share of negative consequences too. There are some side effects of that tea such as Affects Estrogen, Low Blood Pressure or Hallucinatory Effects.

The Ingredients

Hibiscus tea


How To Brew This Tea?

  • Preparation: large glass or teapot + Hibiscus Tea + boiling water
  • Drinking hot tea: Firstly, rinse teapot or glass by hot water
  • Secondly, put the tea bag in the teapot/glass. Then pour boiling water of 90 – 95 degrees into the teapot
  • Finally soak tea for 5 minutes. So you have a cup of aromatic tea.


  • Herbal tea in general and Hibiscus tea in particular is also very good when drinking cold.
  • Drinking cold tea: Remove the dregs of tea, take water, also add ice or refrigerate for about 20 minutes
  • So you can enjoy this aromatic tea.

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Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province


Hibiscus flower, Black tea, Sweet leaves

Infusion temperature


Infusion time

5 minutes


Bright red


Light sour hibiscus flavor


Slight sour, light sweet


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