Bat Trang porcelain tea set 

The impression tea set with side handle teapot is made from exquisted ivory white porcelain material. Especially, it is made from Bat Trang village, the most famous ceramic village in Vietnam.

Bat Trang porcelain tea set

Connecting of original beauty and classical, coverving by white glaze. All of them make a beautiful permanent of porcelain.


White porcelain teapot is round and delicate in design. Every details from the tap, the lid to the handle are carefully calculated and polished. Handle is strange-looking but very easy to hold. All beauty is gathered in Bat Trang elegant teapot.

  • Unique handle design
  • Wide mouth teapot
  • The lid of teapot fits into the mouth one
  • Perfect white glaze


The design of the porcelain teapot, cup and tray is gentle, sophisticated, and carefully calculated, with a high aesthetics, while achieving the excellent function of tea making.

  • Teapot can stand on the handle steadily
  • Unique handle design
  • Teapot has wide beehive net, fast drainage
  • Capacity of 300ml, suitable to the hand
  • White, luxurious and delicate porcelain

Ancient Bat Trang village

Porcelain is a ceramic material made by heating materials, generally including kaolin which created the high-level, hardness, whiteness. Thus, it also give us the luxury tea set.

On the other hand, making from grandmaster of artist in Bat Trang village with more than 700 years experience.

The white porcelain tea set and bamboo tray

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Free logo printing outsite the gift box to promote for customer brand.

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  • Teapot
  • Gift Box
  • Bamboo tray

Minimum of quantity: 50 gift boxes

  • Discount: From 100 tea gift boxes 5%; from 500 tea gift boxes 7%; from 1.000 tea gift boxes 10%
  • Printing logo: over 100 boxes: free; under 100 black & white printing: 300.000, metal printing: 500.000; pressesthermal printing: 1.000.000 VND

From 508.000VNĐ

  • The price of porcelain tea set + tea tins is from 508.000vnđ
  •  price of porcelain tea set + bamboo tray is from 565.000vnđ

Delivery for 7 days

Time delivery:

  • Paper gift box: 7-14 days
  • Printing logo: 15-30 days

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